The SEPA Creditor Identifier is a unique reference for each creditor, which allows the debtor and his bank to know the identity of the issuer of the direct debit, for example in the event of a claim or request for reimbursement.

This reference must be included on all direct debit requests.

Structure of the SEPA Creditor Identifier

The SCI is structured in 4 parts:

  1. Digits 1 and 2: ISO country code (FR for France)
  2. Digits 3 and 4: 2 control numbers
  3. Digits 5 to 7: Activity code which can be used freely by the creditor
  4. Digits 8 to 28: National identifier.

The length of the SCI varies from country to country, but never exceeds 35 characters.

Applying for a SEPA Creditor Identifier

Here is the SEPA Creditor Identifier application form: