Payment Standards

In Luxembourg, banks have mandated the ABBL to define the IBAN/BIC codes for all banks in Luxembourg and to create and manage SCIs at the request of a creditor bank. We also provide guidelines for all types of XML messages.

Luxembourg register of IBAN/BIC codes

The ABBL maintains an up-to-date version of the Luxembourg IBAN/BIC register, which can be downloaded here.

SEPA Creditor Identifier: Application Form

The SEPA Creditor Identifier is a unique reference for each creditor, which allows the debtor and his bank to know the identity of the issuer of the direct debit.

Correspondent Central Banking Model (CCBM)

These are the best practices for custodian banks involved in CCBM transactions.

XML Statement Message: Guidelines

The statement message is sent by the bank to companies in Luxembourg, more precisely to an account holder or to a third party mandated by him.

XML Customer Credit Transfer Initiation Message ISO 20022: Guidelines

The ABBL task force on ISO20022 prepared guidelines for the credit transfer initiation message sent to banks in Luxembourg.

XML SEPA Direct Debit Initiation Message: Guidelines

Here are the guidelines for the SEPA Direct Debit initiation message sent to banks in Luxembourg.

XML Payment Status Report Message: Guidelines

This message is sent by a mandated agent to the previous party in the payment chain. It is used to inform this party of the status of a file, a complete Payment or a pending instruction.