The ABBL provides its members with an interactive Handbook of professional obligations with which financial entities must comply in relation to money laundering and terrorist financing (AML/CFT). The Handbook is available in English and in French.

Created by and for compliance experts

The Handbook is a practical tool created and regularly updated by compliance experts. It provides a practical guide to fulfilling AML/CFT obligations, with advice based on national and international references, as well as ABBL recommendations reflecting market standards.

As a living document, it is updated frequently.

The guide covers, among other things:

  • The risk-based approach and mitigating factors that could be applied depending on the financial activity undertaken
  • Client and beneficial owner identification procedures
  • Considerations for money transfers and data protection issues
  • How can I access the AML Handbook?

    The ABBL AML/CFT Handbook and accompanying User Guide are available exclusively to ABBL members via the Online Resources section of MemberNet.

    If you are a Member of the ABBL and are unable to log in to access the ABBL Handbook on AML and CFT, please contact us.

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