On July 29, 2022, at the occasion of the United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Person, the ABBL released a leaflet (both available in English and Ukrainian), developed by the European Banking Federation (EBF), to help raise awareness of human trafficking risks among Ukrainians fleeing the Russian aggression.

Actual cases of human trafficking and exploitation should be referred to local public authorities.

Never give a passport or ID to anyone other than a public official. Carry it close to your body. Take a picture of your identity documents with your phone so you have a backup in case of loss or theft. Send a copy to friends/family and to yourself. Do not share information and details about your identity online.

Carry cash somewhere hidden with you, perhaps even in multiple places, assuming that any bag you have could be left behind at some point. Memorize your credit card/debit card number. Memorize phone numbers of multiple reliable people who can transfer/help with money in case of need. Never share your banking credentials, passwords, or authorization codes. Never open a bank account at the request of somebody you just met.

Develop a code word with your friends and family so that if you are in danger and can't say so, they know you are in danger. They should also know with whom and where you are staying.

You are entitled to basic services such as bed, food, and medical care. If you do not have a place to sleep, you are staying at an unsafe location, or want to know
more about your rights and the asylum/temporary protection procedure, seek help from these agencies :
Primo-accueil d'urgence
Rue Tony Rollman L- 2454
Luxembourg-Kirchberg (24/7)

If you feel you are being exploited and for any work related issues, contact the local organizations below:
ITM (Inspection du Travail et des Mines)
Tel.: (+352) 247 76100
e-mail: contact@itm.etat.lu
web: https://itm.public.lu or www.police.lu
In case of emergency: 113

In case you are treated unfairly, or people are taking advantage of your situation, you can report it to the local police via the following numbers:
Tel.: (+352) 24460 3220, 113 (24/7)
e-mail: traite@police.etat.lu
Or you can contact an assistance service for victims of human trafficking:
INFOTRAITE Tel: (+352) 27 36 56 46, (+352) 621 316 919, (+352) 621 351 884
e-mail: info@traite.lu