In response to the situation in Ukraine, the ABBL organised a fundraising campaign among its team and doubled the amount collected from the staff. The final sum amounts to 8420 euros, which will go to the benefit of Médecins Sans Frontières and the Luxembourg Red Cross. Thank you to the whole team for this show of solidarity!

Médecins Sans Frontières has mobilised its Emergency Fund to intervene rapidly with victims of the conflict requiring medical care (i.e., injuries, treatment for chronic illnesses and serious diseases). Teams have been deployed to the borders and mobile units are being sent to respond to the crisis within Ukraine.

The humanitarian aid provided by the Luxembourg Red Cross is mainly in the form of supplies of essential goods to the victims of the conflict (medical equipment, food, drinking water, tents, hygiene products, clothes, blankets, etc.), especially to the countries bordering Ukraine such as Moldova.

How can I help?

Luxembourg residents who wish to host Ukrainian nationals in their homes can inform the Hotline managed by Caritas, the Red Cross and the Ministry for Family, Integration and the Greater Region via this online form.

The Luxembourg Red Cross is looking for volunteers. Interested people can contact their hotline at +352 621 796 780. However, their main need is financial. For more information on how you can help, you can consult this FAQ published by the Red Cross.

The LUkraine association has set up collection points for foodstuffs destined for Ukraine, a list of goods accepted by the association is available here. Please note that these donations can be made available to the Ukrainian war effort. LUkraine is also looking for volunteers to help in its humanitarian aid mobilisation and in welcoming and accompanying Ukrainian refugees. Interested people can fill in this form to volunteer.

Other associations are mobilising to support Ukraine and the refugees, notably

Our thoughts are with all the victims of this conflict and their families.