Faced with the public’s demand to provide more information on the main concepts and issues of sustainable finance, the ABBL Foundation for Financial Education and the CSSF are joining forces as part of an awareness raising initiative on RTL channels from 22 November 2023 to May 2023.

A recent public survey commissioned by the ABBL Foundation, the CSSF and LSFI highlighted the positive attitude of Luxembourg residents towards sustainable finance, but also their call for additional information on this topic. Despite the strong interest of the people surveyed, sustainable finance remains a subject that many people still find difficult to understand in terms of impact and diversity.

To foster the knowledge on sustainable finance, the ABBL Foundation and the CSSF, in the context of their mission in the field of financial education, have teamed up to provide additional information on this topic on RTL. Thus, a sustainable finance section on the RTL.lu, 5minutes and RTLtoday websites has been created. Each month, for seven months running, a specific aspect on sustainable finance will be highlighted to review the basics of this subject detail them and fight against certain misconceptions.

Furthermore, each month an interview will be broadcasted (in Luxembourgish) during prime time on RTL Radio (the interviews will be available in replay).

The ABBL Foundation together with other key players intends to pursue its efforts in financial literacy around sustainable finance in the coming month by launching a national awareness rising campaign.

Catherine Bourin - Member of the Management Board
Jessica Thyrion - Financial Education Adviser