EU Agenda

Banking Supervision

Find the latest status of EU activity on topics such as Capital Requirements or Bank Recovery and Resolution.

Financial Market Regulation

MiFID II, CSDR, AIFMD, ELTIF, CMU, MAR - Financial Markets Regulation is full of acronyms and can be complex to keep track of. Discover the current status of EU activity in these areas.

Digital Banking, Payment Systems & FinTech

Crypto-assets, distributed ledger technology, cross-border payments, digital currencies...there is a huge range of activity at EU level for digital financial services.

Sustainable Finance

Taxonomy, Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation, carbon benchmarks, the EU eco-label, green bond standards - the EU's activities related to sustainable finance is growing, covering more and more aspects of this complex topic.

Client Protection & Consumer Rights

The EU provides Directives in several areas affecting consumers, such as Payment Accounts, Deposit Guarantees and Collective Action. 

Legal & Compliance

Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing are the main concerns of the EU in this area, but they also look at data protection (GDPR), insolvency rules and whistleblowing regulations.


Whilst taxation is generally a very domestic concern, the EU works on areas such as the Automatic Exchange of Information, Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB), VAT etc. with a view to reducing the possibility for arbitrage or tax avoidance across EU jurisdictions.