The ABBL FinTech & Innovation Forum (FIF) is a platform where ABBL members and FinTechs meet around topics of common interest related to innovation and digital transformation in banking and finance in Luxembourg. The forum currently brings together 140 representatives from 85 entities. 

The first meeting focused on the progress of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI), including a pre-trained generative transformer such as ChatGPT, and its impact on the way business is organised. Members explored use cases for generative AI in areas such as innovation, compliance, customer service, finance, marketing and legal practice.  Thanks to the excellent speakers: Augustin GERE (Société Générale Luxembourg), Philippe NOELTNER and Catherine Di LORENZO (Allen & Overy).

Following the meeting, the ABBL launched a dedicated survey among its members to explore how conversational AI is used in the Luxembourg financial services sector. 

At this first meeting, the FIF also appointed the new composition of its Executive Board for 2023-2024 :

  • Chair: Laurent MAROCHINI, Société Générale Luxembourg
  • Vice-Chair: Giulia PESCATORE, Deloitte Luxembourg
  • Vice-Chair: Raoul MULHEIMS, Finologee
  • Invited Member of the Executive Council: Alex PANICAN, LHoFT


The next FIF meeting will take place on 16 June at 4pm, with a private bank presenting its innovation roadmap and how it is working with FinTech companies for digital transformation. Interested? Join the ABBL FinTech & Innovation Forum by contacting our ABBL Member Relations team.

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