Published 21.09.2021

The digital transformation of our society is accelerating, and payment services are playing an increasingly important role, directly enabling this evolution. The role of the ABBL is to help its members address the challenges related to the urgent need for digital development and innovation, in order to be competitive, while ensuring compliance with complex regulations. The ABBL Payments Cluster provides a unique collaboration between stakeholders, allowing for discussion, experience sharing and exchange on key issues.

The payments sector is one of the most promising activities, but also one of the biggest challenges for the financial sector players. Luxembourg is located at the centre of a European landscape where fundamental differences in payment habits still exist, mainly linked to cultural and behavioural factors, as well as to the level of digitalisation.




Galina joined the Luxembourg Bankers’ Association in September 2021 as an adviser in the Payments & Digital Banking team, whose main objective is to provide technical and strategic input in the area of payments and innovation for the benefit of its members and the Luxembourg financial sector as a whole.

During the first five years of her professional career, which started in 2007 at Deloitte Luxembourg, Galina worked as an external auditor and covered various audit assignments for banks, investment funds and other financial sector professionals. Subsequently, she joined the internal audit department of ING Luxembourg, whose main mission is to provide independent assurance that the bank’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are functioning effectively. In this role, Galina covered a wide range of banking activities within the retail, private and wholesale banking businesses and worked with the most important European and local regulations in the financial sector.

In 2018, Galina joined the Product Management department of ING Luxembourg, where the main role was to develop and maintain banking products in line with customer needs, the bank’s strategy and the regulatory environment. In addition, she worked as a project manager in the Wholesale Banking team, including physical and virtual cash management, electronic signature, payment platforms and channels.

Galina holds a master degree from SKEMA Business School and the University of Lille. She is also a chartered accountant in Luxembourg (réviseur d’entreprises) and a certified internal auditor.