Having in mind the set of recommendations published in the Luxembourg Sustainable Finance Roadmap, in particular the one covering education, and willing to put into actions its commitments by the endorsement of the UNEP-FI Principles for Responsible banking and expressed in its Code of Conduct, the ABBL, in partnership with the House of Training and Forethix (leading advisory firm specialised in responsible investment and corporate responsibility) designed the first sustainable finance course of its kind in Luxembourg.

It is part of a training curriculum leading to a certification, with advanced modules on regulatory issues, operational issues as well as products and labels. During the sessions, practitionners explore the current sustainable finance concepts and definitions (ESG, SDGs, SRI, …) to build a solid foundation to face upcoming business challenges, while sharing industry best practices through practical business case studies.

In 2020, the programme has been completed. This program now consists in 4 modules (1 foundation and 3 advanced – all live now):


Initiative Description Audience Stakeholders Status Go live
Foundation Fundamental knowledge Finance Professionals ABBL, Forethix and House of Training Live 2019
E-learning foundation Fundamental knowledge Finance Professionals ABBL In progress  2021
Videos Basics General Public Fondation ABBL Live 2021
Workshops Basics High School Students Fondation ABBL Live 2021
Advanced Operational issues Finance Professionals Forethix Live 2020
  Products Finance Professionals Bourse de Luxembourg Live 2020
  Regulatory issues Finance Professionals Linklaters Live 2020
  ESG risks     In progress 2023
  Integration of sustainability-rules to portfolio management and investment advice     In progress 2023