The European Sustainable Development Week, from 18 September to 8 October, is a European initiative to raise awareness and encourage activities, projects and events supporting sustainable development and the Sustainable Development Goals. At national level, the LuxFLAG Sustainable Investment Week takes place from 11 to 15 October. On the agenda is a series of events around climate finance, ESG, impact investing and the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the ABBL, we have made sustainability in finance one of our key long-term challenges. We engage in strategic dialogue with our members and closely follow developments in sustainable finance. We also provide a platform for knowledge sharing and ensure adequate coverage and communication on the main topics concerning the Luxembourg banking sector, including corporate social responsibility and financial education.

Sustainable finance is a prerequisite for the future, and it is by working together that we can achieve the common goal of sustainability. In the ABBL Sustainability Committee, committed professionals and experts address regulatory changes, discuss ESG developments, exchange best practices and define strategies for change.



Chair of the ABBL Sustainability Committee

During my master’s degree in sustainable finance, I had the opportunity to do my end-of-study internship at the ABBL. I realised to what extent the financial sector is essential to support the transition to a sustainable economy and a better society, and I was able to measure on the ground the challenges and opportunities related to sustainable finance. This convinced me that this was the professional path I wanted to follow.



Sustainable Officer at the ABBL