The European Commission proposal published in June 2021 amends the existing eIDAS Regulation and introduces a new European Digital Identity Wallet.

 In the context of revision, IMCO (Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection) voted on 12 September 2022 on the draft legislative opinion on European Digital Identity.

Six compromise amendments focus on the need for wallets to be user-friendly and for data to be shared under the full control of users, as well as for users and non-users to be placed on equal footing regarding access to relevant services. The amendments highlight the importance of strengthening consumer choice through the possibility of keeping track of transactions, blocking access to the wallet in case of a security breach, transferring the wallet's data, enabling the use of different devices, and offering the possibility to easily contact the wallet's issuer.

The ABBL is part of the European Credit Sector Associations eID Task Force and is closely monitoring the latest developments. Current work is concentrated on the establishment of a Toolbox, and in particular on the Technical Requirements for the Payments Use Case, together with the legal analysis of the EU Commission revised text.

By Galina Miroshnichenko – Payment & Digital Banking Adviser