The ABBL works with members for a better understanding of the market, through surveys and analysis on business lines (private banking, retail banking, depositary banking), on the employment, but also more generally on the impact of COVID on financial institutions. Certain more specific surveys allow us to better define the priorities of the sector, for example the impact study for the implementation of Basel IV, or on the adoption of cloud computing and Distributed Ledger Prototype.

ABBL Foundation/CSSF - ILRES survey on financial literacy and inclusion in Luxembourg 2023

An ABBL Foundation/CSSF survey conducted by ILRES in December 2022 among more than 1,000 Luxembourg residents aged 18 to 79 years, the results of which were compared with those of the OECD survey conducted in 2020 in 26 other countries, in the same format. The findings are alarming: Luxembourg residents under 30 have a very low level of knowledge about personal finance, combined with behaviours and attitudes that are well below the European average. More than ever, we need to redouble our efforts in financial education.

ABBL/CSSF Depositary Banking & Custodian Services Survey 2022

Often seen as a single business, sometimes carried out by the same players, depository and custodian banking nevertheless deal with different clients and are subject to different obligations.

ABBL/CSSF Retail Banking Survey 2022

The credit institutions participating in the survey represent over 90% of the retail banking business in Luxembourg. The figures shown are for the year 2021.

ABBL/KPMG Private Banking Report 2022

The ABBL Private Banking Cluster and KPMG Luxembourg published a study on the private banking sector in Luxembourg.

ABBL/PwC Corporate Banking Survey

The ABBL, in cooperation with PwC, has launched an inaugural Corporate Banking & Finance Survey 2022 - with the strong support of Luxembourg for Finance and the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF).

ABBL/CSSF External Asset Managers Survey

This survey was designed to collect relevant statistics related to the external asset managers servicing business in Luxembourg.

ABBL/CSSF Private Banking Survey 2021

The credit institutions participating in the survey represent over 95% of the private banking business in Luxembourg. The figures stated are as at 31 December 2020.

ABBL/KPMG Cloud Adoption Survey 2022

Cloud adoption in the financial sector: where do we stand today? To find out, ABBL and KPMG Luxembourg conducted a survey and more than 50 organisations participated.

ABBL/Deloitte Digital Onboarding & Electronic Signature Survey

To assess the market situation in Luxembourg, the ABBL and Deloitte conducted a market survey among ABBL members.

Mutualisation of Functions Survey 2019

Published in December 2019, this survey explore the functions prone to be mutualised in the financial services sector of Luxembourg.