The ABBL, its Foundation and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) jointly initiated a research programme, “Trustworthy AI for instant AML Due Diligence”, in order to develop tech solutions for the mutual benefit of the ABBL, its members and the SnT. The goal of this initiative is to develop a tool to resolve possible flaws in the reliability of artificial intelligence (AI) in the banking sector and to provide solutions to instant monitoring of payments.

Trustworthy AI tools for financial services

AI systems are used to learn data models which are then used to make decisions. However, AI tools can acquire biases that can skew their results. In many companies, there is no tracking of how AI systems are operated and simple questions like ‘who, how, and when’ regarding a training model are not answered. These questions become fundamental for financial institutions when related to AML checks. These vital administrative procedures add complexity and costs. In addition, the deployment of instant payment is raising the interest of financial institutions to explore trustworthy AI tools suitable for instant AML due diligence.

The Luxembourg financial services sector and the ABBL are embracing new technologies such as AI to ensure Luxembourg remains an important global hub for financial services. ABBL’s three-year collaboration with SnT is central to these efforts as it connects the baking community to high quality researchers working at the cutting edge of technologies. The ABBL strives to support the development of high quality, low cost, inclusive banking services, which is why initiatives like this are so important for our members to keep an innovative edge.


Participation in the project is open to all ABBL members interested to learn from the project and contribute to it with knowledge, insights and experience. No financial commitment is required. Should you as representative of an ABBL member wish to know more information about the project and the ways how your institution could be engaged, please get in touch with Ananda Kautz and Andrey Martovoy.




FinTech & Innovation Adviser

Andrey joined the ABBL in 2016 as a FinTech advisor. Since February 2021, he has been an adviser on digital strategy, FinTech and innovation. Furthermore, Andrey represents the ABBL in several working groups of the European Banking Federation: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud.

Andrey holds a PhD in Economics, Organisation and Business Management (Ukraine) and a Master's degree in Development, Innovation and Change from the University of Bologna (Italy).