Does the word SWIFT ring a bell? It is the banker's BABA: the SWIFT network acts as an intermediary facilitating the transport of messages containing payment instructions between the financial institutions involved in a transaction. An indispensable part of any bank transfer.

In each country, a national organisation acts as a link between SWIFT and its users and members. In Luxembourg, it is ALMUS, or Association Luxembourgeoise des Membres et Utilisateurs de SWIFT. The ABBL, and in particular its Payments & Digital team, acts as Secretary General and takes care of all support activities such as event management, secretariat, accounting, IT.

The purpose of ALMUS:

  • Disseminate information within the community and provide feedback to SWIFT
  • Identify needs and organise information sessions
  • Coordinate solutions to identified problems and centralising user complaints
  • Participate in S.W.I.F.T. expert working groups
  • Maintain relations with third parties: public administrations, regulatory bodies, private sector organisations, etc.