Bettina has been working in the Luxembourg banking sector since 1994. She has been working in the back office of four German banks and a fund company, where she was responsible for various back office units. She has always been active in the area of payments. She was also involved in a large-scale project to create a digital bank as a payment specialist. Within the ABBL, Bettina joins the Innovation, Payments & Digital team. She will take over the SEPA working group, as well as other responsibilities.

The role of the ABBL for the payments industry

The digital transformation of our society is accelerating, and payment services are playing an increasingly important role, directly enabling this evolution. The role of the ABBL is to help its members address the challenges related to the urgent need for digital development and innovation, in order to be competitive, while ensuring compliance with complex regulations. The ABBL Payments Cluster provides a unique collaboration between stakeholders, allowing for discussion, experience sharing and exchange on key issues.

The payments industry has evolved very significantly over the past decades. Today more than ever, it requires staff who not only have a good understanding of domestic payment operations, but who work in an international environment, implement technical and regulatory payment requirements and are constantly vigilant to prevent fraudulent transactions.





Bettina joined the ABBL in 2023 as a consultant in the Innovation, Payments & Digital team. She moved to Luxembourg in 1994, and has been responsible for all major back office units since 1998. Her projects have included the implementation of a digital banking system and numerous regulatory changes. She also has extensive experience of SEPA, TARGET and SWIFT, among others.

Bettina holds a BA in Modern Languages and European Studies from the University of Southampton, which she complemented with an apprenticeship in German banking.