Fresh from the press! On 28 June, the European Commission adopted key proposals for the financial sector: the package on access to financial data and payments, and the package on the digital euro. Find out more about the measures and their objectives.

The digital euro package

The digital euro package contains two sets of mutually reinforcing measures. Their aim: to guarantee citizens two payment options, cash and digital, when they wish to pay with the central bank's currency. 

The two measures are as follows

  1. A legislative proposal on the legal tender of euro cash
  2. A legislative proposal establishing the legal framework for a possible digital euro

Details of the digital euro package

The package on access to financial data and payments

In response to developments in payments markets and the ongoing digital transformation of the financial sector, the Commission has proposed two sets of measures:

  1. A revised Payment Services Directive and Payment Services Regulation
  2. A legislative proposal establishing a framework for access to financial data

Details of the financial data and payments package 

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