ABBL’s special speed meeting event dedicated to banking CEOs & Fintechs

The ABBL begins the New Year with making one of its 2023 resolution a reality – Creating a context for accelerating digitalisation.

On 11 January, the ABBL organised a speed meeting event bringing together chief executive officers of banks and founders of financial technology (FinTech) firms. The event hosted by Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) and conducted in presence of H.E. Yuriko Backes, Luxembourg's Minister of Finance, and Guy Hoffmann, ABBL Chairman, created a unique atmosphere for 70 senior bankers and FinTech professionals enabling them to meet each other in person, interact, and explore new opportunities.

The ABBL is thankful to the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology for the cooperation on this initiative of ABBL’s FinTech and Innovation Forum.

A special thanks goes to all banks’ CEOs and FinTech founders for joining this event and making it a success. We hope that opportunities for cooperation explored during speed-meetings will pave the way for promising digitalisation projects shaping the future of the Luxembourg's financial industry!

FIRST INTERVIEWS - This week, we would like to share the views from:

  • Arnaud Jacquemin, CEO, Société Générale Luxembourg
  • Lars Christiansen, CEO, Regtech Datahub

Stay tuned for other reactions next week!

Testimonial from a Bank CEO: Arnaud Jacquemin, CEO, Société Générale Luxembourg

* What did you think about this ABBL initiative?

This is an excellent initiative that allows to connect Fintech players with decision makers of the financial sector. I am convinced that I need to personally spend more time understanding concrete innovation propositions - and then selectively dig further – to bring my own contribution to innovation & digitalization fostering efforts within Societe Generale Luxembourg : building relationships between our two worlds is indeed of paramount importance for banks to accelerate their transformation - for the ultimate benefit of our customers ; this type of event contributes to it.

* What was your biggest takeways from the event?

First of all, congratulations to the start-ups who were able to demonstrate their value in such a short time frame. Interesting also to see the span of opportunities, from business to reg topics.

* What's next, how do you plan to follow up on these contacts and opportunities?

For three of the startups I met, I intend to organize a follow up with my teams to better assess the potential value proposition. I am looking forward to it!

Testimonial from a FinTech Founder: Lars Christiansen, CEO, RegTech Datahub


* How do you view the ABBL initiative to connect financial market players with Fintechs?

For any Fintech or RegTech start-up
, its dream come true to engage with top management of potential clients. The chance to understand how the value position of your company fits into the top management agenda is the ultimate test of your product or service. Being a foreign company trying to establish a presence in Luxembourg, the ABBL events have been pivotal for our efforts to become part of the Luxembourgish ecosystem. 

* Anything surprised you or got particularly your interest during the evening?

The detailed knowledge level of the CEO was surprising and impressive. The sincere interest in understanding our value proposition was very encouraging. There was an unanimous understanding of the importance of ESG and how it will affect the industry in the coming years. 

* What's next, how do you plan to follow up on these contacts and opportunities? 

The CEOs were very open to joining my network and they would engage with the relevant employees in their organi
sation with the aim of setting up in-depth sessions with a broader number of participants. We agreed to stay in contact.