Our mission is to promote, for and on behalf of our members, the sustainable development of regulated, innovative and responsible banking services.



ABBL Chairman

One voice

We give our industry one voice and ensure that this voice is heard at every level, whilst shaping the narrative and maintaining a coherent message.

In practice, this means that we closely follow developments on key topics relevant to the financial sector, and work with our members to define common positions, ensuring that our efforts are always focused on what will have the most impact for shaping the industry.

We are organised around four main pillars: Innovation, Digital Banking & Payments, Member Relations, Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability & Conduct.

Forum for discussion

We serve as a forum for discussion, debate and the exchange of knowledge on issues and projects that are common to our members.

Diversity is one of the ABBL's riches, and we strive to cultivate it. We count among our members more than 150 organisations: banks, PSF and auxiliary service providers, which together constitute a fair reflection of the financial centre in its diversity.


We keep abreast of developments and trends and deliver analysis and positions on a wide range of topics that are important to our industry.

ABBL experts closely monitor regulatory issues as they are created, with the aim of articulating a balanced and measured vision to legislators and regulators and supporting members in understanding the new rules and their concrete implementation.


The ABBL works for a better understanding of the market by conducting studies and survey amongst our members; we ensure the development of vocational training for the financial sector, working in close collaboration with our members and various educational institutions, including the House of Training, the University of Luxembourg and research institutes like the SnT; we foster financial literacy with various education programmes aimed at young people or more vulnerable members of society.


The ABBL has detached an office to carry out its lobbying activities and defend the interests of its members directly with the EU Parliament and the EU Commission in Brussels. We are also a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF) and participate in their committees and working groups.

At the national level, we work in close collaboration with the various economic and political actors. For example, with the Luxembourg Employers Association (UEL) in order to represent the interests of financial institutions on topics such as teleworking outside the COVID-19 context.


As an employer's association, one of the key roles of the ABBL is to assist our members in all social and labour matters.

We represent the financial sector in the Tripartite, the Luxembourg Economic and Social Council (CES) and in the Luxembourg Employers’ Federation (UEL). We also represent our banking members in the negotiation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the banking sector.