Meet Our Team

We provide our members with the intelligence, resources and services they need in order to operate in a dynamic financial market and in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. We also facilitate an open platform to discuss key industry issues and to define common positions for the entire sector.

We are organised around four main pillars, dedicated to the banking sector of today and of the future: Sustainability & Conduct, Digital & Innovation, Member Relations and Regulatory Affairs.

With this structure, we facilitate a transversal approach, with our Member Relations team acting as the interface between the ABBL experts and ABBL members, ensuring that efforts are always focused on issues that have the biggest impact on the sector, today and tomorrow.

The ABBL Team

The ABBL is a team of almost 40 employees who do their utmost to support members and advocate for them on issues that will have the greatest impact on their activities

Secretary General

The Secretary General ensures the integrity of the ABBL’s governance framework, provides legal and administrative support to the governing bodies and is responsible for financial matters and the management of the ABBL’s facilities.

Member Relations Team

The Member Relations unit is the main interface between ABBL members and ABBL experts, ensuring that our efforts are always focused on the issues with the most impact on the sector

Regulatory Affairs Team

The Regulatory Affairs team closely monitors regulations, directives and laws as they are created. It acts to give a voice to the different interests amongst our members

Sustainability & Conduct Team

This newly created unit looks at the role of the sector in upholding the highest standards and safeguards the hard-won reputation of Luxembourg as an irreproachable financial centre

Innovation, Payments & Digital Team

The ABBL believes in the ever-growing importance of technology and its innovative use in making financial institutions in Luxembourg more customer-centric and highly competitive

European Affairs Team

The ABBL has an office in Brussels to carry out its advocacy activities and defend the interests of its members directly with the European Parliament and the European Commission

Human Resources

Our Human Resources team takes care of all ABBL personnel matters, including training, development and recruitment