Technical Committees

Technical Committees gather experienced subject matter experts to prepare and present position papers, to develop implementation guidelines and to support our members with advice and best practices in an ever more complex environment. Committees are composed to ensure full alignment with the current regulatory agenda and members’ priorities. It is in these groups that views are collected for consultations at European and national level, and where technical topics are analysed.

Accounting Committee

The Accounting Committee provides technical expertise and advice on the implementation of accounting standards. It represents members towards national and international authorities.

Banking Supervision Committee

The Banking Supervision Committee is responsible for steering the development of ABBL’s policy and strategy on banking prudential regulation and on supervisory practices.

Digital Strategy Committee

The Digital Strategy Committee engages in strategic dialogue with ABBL members and key external stakeholders to bring forward innovation and digitalisation in the financial services sector.

Financial Markets & Intermediation Committee

The Committee deals with financial markets regulation in the wider sense, covering the regulatory framework for financial services and products as well as market infrastructure.

Fiscal Affairs Committee

In the context of increasing regulatory and operational costs, the Fiscal Affairs Committee deals with tax matters that are relevant to the Luxembourg financial community.

Legal Affairs Committee

The Committee provides members with insight on upcoming European and Luxembourg legislation. The body puts forward comments to represent members’ interests.

Professional Obligations Committee

The Professional Obligations Committee handles topics related to the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing.

Securities Committee

The Committee deals with securities regulation in the wider sense, covering the regulatory framework for financial services related to all types of securities and custody services.

Social Affairs Committee

As an employers’ association, one of the roles of the ABBL is to assist our members in social and labour matters. The Committee handles topics related to the employer-employee relationship.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee aims to engage in strategic dialogue with its Members and closely monitor sustainable finance developments.