The Retail Banking Cluster aims to defend professional interests of ABBL members active in retail banking, and to foster an exchange of ideas on a range of topics relevant to the sector.

In particular, the Cluster works hard to ensure that any proposed legislation will really create a benefit for the consumer, either through better protection, wider choice,  or increased competition to improve the quality of banking products and services.

ABBL/CSSF Retail Banking Survey

Each year, the Retail Banking Cluster performs an annual Retail Banking Survey, in collaboration with the CSSF.

Key findings of the study:

  • The retail banking sector remains stable
  • Significant move to digital : changing needs of clients with a shift towards digital channels for banking products
  • Strong mortgage market
  • Clients remain risk averse : consumers continue to keep most of their assets in savings accounts



Senior Adviser

Senior Adviser - Retail Banking & Consumer Protection

Simone joined the Member Relations Department in 2020. She works in particular for the Retail Banking Cluster and related working groups, which deal with technical and legal issues concerning products and services for retail customers and statistics on retail banking activities.

She is a member of various working groups at national and European level, such as the EBF Retail Committee and the UEL Competition - Consumer Working Group.