The Corporate & Institutional Banking cluster is strategically focused on central financial and non financial intermediation roles of banks and other financial market intermediaries in the international corporate and wholesale markets.  It encompasses:

Corporate Finance (including ESG finance and loan agency)

Focus on risk and maturity transformation, multipartite intermediation, governance and safeguards

Capital Markets (including covered and green bonds, and ESG investments)

Focus on format conversion and fungibility, eligibility assessment, risk management (including hedging), and information intermediation

Cash Management (including payments and treasury)

Focus on liquidity management and funding, liquidity and payment intermediation

An inaugural market study on corporate banking

The ABBL, in cooperation with the CSSF and PwC, has recently initiated the design of an inaugural market study "Corporate Banking & Finance Survey 2021". The survey aims to provide a better understanding and assessment of the corporate and wholesale banking landscape in and out of Luxembourg.

Trusted partnerships

The Cluster members appreciate the importance of trusted partnerships locally and abroad, allowing it to harness strengths and abilities from different parts of the Luxembourg financial ecosystem. Such partnerships are key to solving complex challenges, but also to identifying commercial opportunities and driving innovation. 

Important external non-member partners supporting the cluster are the Ministry of Finance, inter alia via the different working groups of the Haut Comité de la Place Financière, Luxembourg for Finance, the European Banking Federation and the CSSF.




Private, Corporate and Depositary Banking Adviser

Fabio Mandorino is a Senior Adviser in the ABBL's Member Relations unit, in charge of coordinating 3 business areas: private banking, corporate & investment banking and depositary banking.

Fabio studied Financial Market and Institutional Management at the Bocconi University in Milan (IT) and furthered his knowledge of impact investing at the Said Business School in Oxford (UK).