Established in 2015, european primary placement facility S.A. is a platform for easy, fast and cost-effective bond issuance worldwide.

  • Website:
  • Headquarters: 6 rue Dicks, L-1417 Luxembourg

What makes the solution unique?

  • A regulated platform
  • Proprietary intellectual property and software
  • Ready to be marketed/launched, with an active client base
  • Scalable across funding, products and use cases


  • For new clients or issuers of the platform: low cost market access, including legal documentation
  • For existing issuers: full digitisation and market place
  • Less friction/zero errors for platform participants in a secure and trusted environment, resulting in faster transactions for all parties involved, including issuers, banks and investors throughout the life cycle of a financing
  • Strategic benefits for clients with increased access to capital market funding for all product types, investor groups and market segments
  • eppf documentation and back-end benefits enable real-time issuance and, for example, same-day settlement for certain products. 

Current clients or partners

Current active users include global investment banks and investors, international borrowers such as municipalities (e.g. the London Borough of Sutton), issuing banks such as BNG Bank of the Netherlands, supranational banks and agencies, as well as companies in the medium and large global market segments.