Do you think your deceased relative had an account in Luxembourg, but you do not know in which bank?

The role of banks in searching for accounts

When receiving a request to search for an inactive account, banks are required to investigate whether or not the account in question exists.

Of course, the application must be complete, with all the necessary documents. As the heir, you must provide a copy of your identity card, the act of death and the act of notoriety or inheritance. If your notary or lawyer is in charge of finding the bank account, they will also need a power of attorney from you. In addition, you must explain why you believe such an account exists in Luxembourg.

It is better to contact the banks by email as, for security reasons, they never provide personal information over the phone.

The ABBL helps you in your research

We provide you with all necessary documents and explanations, at the price of 60 €, VAT excluded.

Here's what the kit includes:

  • Steps to find an inactive or inactive bank account
  • List of all banks in Luxembourg for individuals
  • Model letter to make a request for search to the credit institutions
  • Ready-to-use address labels to send the requests 

To receive the kit, simply complete the contact form.

  • The bank asks me why I think my parent had an account in Luxembourg. Why do they ask this question?

    Banks may be cautious if they suspect that the query is addressed to a large number of institutions, as part of a systematic search for hypothetical assets in Luxembourg.

  • My search did not produce any results. What can I do?

    We advise you to contact the Caisse des Consignations. Banks have the possibility to register inactive accounts with this authority. This is their postal address: 

    State Treasury - Caisse des Consignations

    3, rue du Saint Esprit

    L-1475 Luxembourg