Basic Rights

Initiating an Over-indebtedness Procedure

In the event of over-indebtedness, your first point of contact should be your banker. If no arrangement is possible, an over-indebtedness procedure is planned. But from when can we talk about over-indebtedness for individuals? Who can be affected? What does the over-indebtedness procedure consist of?

Providing Personal Data

For any opening of a bank account and transaction, your bank asks you for certain personal information. Why do you have to give this information? How does your bank use them?

Switching Banks

Switching bank means transferring your bank account from your old bank to your new bank. There are two ways to do this: either ask your new bank to make the transfer, or you take care of it yourself.

Submitting a Complaint

In the event of a disagreement with your bank, it may happen that no satisfactory solution is found. We give you all the advice to resolve the situation in the best possible way.

Opening a Basic Bank Account

The right to open a basic account applies to anyone residing in the European Union, regardless of their place of residence. 

Being Protected as an Investor

The MiFID directive offers better protection to people who decide to invest. The bank knows you better and gives you appropriate advice.

Ukrainian protection seekers: essential information for your reception / Інформацію українською мовою Ви можете знайти нижче у PDF файлі

Luxembourg has shown its commitment and solidarity in the Ukrainian crisis by opening its borders to receive applicants for temporary international protection and by playing an active role in the issue of international sanctions decided by the European Union.