Improve your financial wellness

Money Odyssey is designed for both youth (10 years and up) and adults and is, teaching everyone finance through tailored questions about following topics:

  • saving
  • budgeting
  • investing
  • the role of a bank
  • personal loans
  • mortgage loans
  • money laundering
  • insurances
  • sustainable finance
  • payment methods
  • money risk management

Whatever your level, you can either choose a random or progressive mode, whether you're alone or with multiple players on the same device, create a game to see who is the best while having fun.

Complete objectives (finance a project, pay your bills, invest ...),
face challenges, discover the squares on the game boards, gain knowledge, and unlock achievements.

Whether you're at home, on the move, or at school, the game allows you to pause a game and continue it whenever you want.

Money Odyssey has been created by the ABBL Foundation with the support of the Chamber of Commerce, Luxembourg.

Money Odyssey: the game

Money Odyssey is available in English, French, German and Portuguese.