Financial Education Programme

Woch vun de Suen 2023

Chaque année depuis 2015, l'ABBL et la Fondation ABBL pour l'éducation financière organisent la « Woch vun de Suen » (semaine de l’argent).    

Zuumer Academy

Promoting social inclusion through financial education, to help participants manage their personal finances with confidence and understand the relationship with their bank.

The Luxembourg Tech School

Giving students the opportunity to learn the digital skills that are in demand in the financial sector.

European Money Quiz 2023

Learn more about the exciting world of money and finance, through a Europe-wide competition.

Workshop for students: responsible finance for everyone

A workshop on the theme of responsible finance, which addresses with students the implications of sustainable and solidarity-based finance.

Ech kann dat och: online banking training programme

This training is particularly aimed at seniors, who are more vulnerable to the potential digital divide linked to the accelerated digitalisation of society.

Money Odyssey

  Expand your financial literacy and get smarter about money issues!