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The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Economy (MTEESS) and the Public Employment Service (ADEM) have launched a sector study on the labour market for the financial sector. The study gives an overview of trends in the sector and occupations, with a list of preferred occupations and an analysis of the most sought-after skills.

Yves Maas, CEO of the ABBL: "The rapid evolution of the job market in the financial sector, and banking in particular, due to the increasing digitalisation, accelerated by the Covid crisis, means that the sector is constantly evolving and looking for more specialised profiles. In addition, the particularly heavy regulatory constraints in the financial sector have led and continue to lead to a significant increase in the number of positions in the compliance and risk management departments of banks."

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Featured Career: IT Support Officer

The health crisis has accelerated the digital transformation and increased the need for skilled ICT workers for the financial sector. Find out more about the role, the skills required and the training path here.

Compliance Officer

Portfolio Manager

Risk Officer

Internal Auditor

Fund Accountant

Corporate Relationship Manager