How to manage your banking relationship? How to develop a career in finance? What about digital banking? The ABBL answers your questions about the financial sector as a whole.
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  • Me & My Bank

    One of our missions as the ABBL is to make the banking system accessible to everyone, by raising awareness about your rights and responsibilities as a consumer of banking services and products.

  • A Career in Finance

    A career in the financial sector offers a wide range of possibilities. Find out what profiles are in demand, what current vacancies exist and what training is relevant to qualify for these positions.

  • Financial Education

    Financial literacy is a fundamental skill for everyone. With actors from all sectors, we created a comprehensive financial education program, aimed at all ages, for those who want to better understand daily finance.

  • Cybersecurity

    The ABBL collaborates with national and European institutions for online security. We aim to educate consumers about the most common scams, and share best practices to avoid them.

The banking sector in numbers

Comprehensive data and analysis on the financial sector and the banking industry, covering areas such as private banking, retail banking, payments and employment.

122 banks

Over 26,000 people work in the banking sector in Luxembourg

600 bn €

Assets under management held in the private banking sector (December 2021)


The financial sector represents around a third of GDP and contributes over 20% of fiscal revenues.